Really, fit?

Ok, so I said I was 50 Fit n Lovin Life. Not so much on this fit part yet. I ran again tonight and it was the 3rd time this week. It was only 2 miles and it was a pace of 11 minutes a mile. Yeaaaaaa don’t judge me. It’s a work in progress. Listed below are the reasons and I do say reasons it was so slow.

  • It was extremely humid out
  • I was tired from a long day at work
  • It was hot out
  • Did I say it was humid out

Nahhhh, it wasn’t all those. It’s that I’m 50 and not in shape…..YET!!!

So far this week 8.75 miles. I’m thinking that I will be in shape about the time I run from Holly Ridge NC to Camillus, NY. In case you’re wondering, it is 750 miles and it’s where I live now to where I used to live. (read my first post for a little insight-if you already haven’t, but I’m sure you have 🙂 ) Yup 53 and using an emojii, at least, that is what I think it is…

and I digress..

Now here is the disclaimer. For those with a weak stomach-proceed with caution. These pictures were taken last night. I will update with photos, once a week. You all can comment on the progress or lack there of….



This was very difficult for me to post. I have never been very comfortable with my body. Especially the older I get. There are other things happening at my age that I could care less about. My receding hair line, the grey hairs. If you look at the pic on the right it almost looks like snoopy. Not that I would ever want to reduce him to nothing but sorry snoopy.

Red Baron….snoopy will be history soon!

It starts with a step at a time. One step after another….

Tomorrow will be crunches (man I hate those) and a short run.

Thanks for coming along on the ride, it’s only gonna get better. (I hope)


This is the Lovin Life of Fit n 50

It’s finally Friday and the weekend is in front of us. Looking forward to a great weekend filled with live country music.

We have tickets to a concert in Greenville, NC. The original concert line-up was Blake Shelton, Big n Rich, Parmalee and Tucker Beathard. Well, Blake Shelton was postponed until April 2018 and the East Carolina kickoff was a fumble. Huh!? What!? POSTPONED!? Did I read that right? I did read it right and instead, they are offering us free tickets to see Big n Rich, Parmalee and Tucker Beathard. Ok! I can deal with FREE!

The Jeep is packed and we’re ready for our short 2 hour cruise to Greenville. It’s 10 am and we should arrive around noon. The ride is un-eventful; the wife and I are listening to Parmalee for most of the ride and talking. (I know, really exciting. Trust me, it does get better) We arrive at the hotel and they tell us the room hasn’t been cleaned and won’t be ready until 3 pm. We decide to head over to the venue, which is located on the campus of East Carolina University at the Minges Coliseum. As we are walking past the original venue, Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium that holds 50,000 people. (Yup, you’re right, where the original show was going to take place)


As we approach Minges Coliseum, we can hear a band.  I say to the wife,

“Let’s go in and see if it’s Paramlee doing a sound check?”

She says, “I don’t know if it’s a good idea” And starts to pace around anxiously.

I say rather irritated, ” I’m going in, the worst that could happen is they kick us out” And I open the door and head in…..

Tucker Beathard

Oh yeah, that’s right, although it wasn’t Parmalee it was Tucker Beathard doing sound check. He is an up and coming country star! It could be one of those moments, in a few years from now, we say remember when we watched Tucker Beathard do sound check and now he’s a huge star!

We listen for a bit and then head back to the hotel to check in. We actually map our path back to the parking lot, to make sure we get a good spot. We’re thinking about getting back to the lot fairly early to tailgate. Concert starts at 6:30 and if we get back around 5, we can have some fun in the parking lot.

Fast forward-we pull into the lot around 5ish and there are some cars there, but they were already here. I pull out the Boom (it’s my bluetooth speaker) and start playing some music, while the wife breaks out some food and drinks. We have some humus with celery and these colorful little tomatoes along with chips and salsa. (Eating healthy trying to get fit)Again, there is really no one in the parking lot. (more of a grass field) I ask the wife if she wants some celery and she declines saying, ” I don’t like celery”. Me, I’m breaking off pieces and throwing up in the air trying to catch it in my mouth. Having a good time, the weather was fantastic, music was playing, sun was shining. Just a beautiful day to be outside, getting ready for the show. Now I am facing my wife and say “Ready?” (thinking I am going to throw another piece into the air and catch it in my mouth). She doesn’t respond. I throw the piece really high in the air and it’s sort of out in front of me. As I focus on the piece moving to get into position, as quick as I can…….


We collide right into each other head on, as she is positioning herself to catch the celery. We nearly fell to the ground we collided so hard. Laughing I say, “I thought you said you didn’t like celery” She says, ” I don’t really, but when you said, ready, I thought you wanted me to catch it in my mouth.

We continued on, in the parking lot, without any other incidents(I know surprising) and around 6:20 decided to head into the coliseum. Tucker Beathard was just going onstage when we got inside. He put on a pretty good show, but the crowd was a bit sparse. We wandered around and as we are headed up the stairs, my wife looks down and BAM! No, we didn’t collide again, but she found an autographed copy of Parmalee’s newest CD. We waited around for a bit to see if someone would come back to claim it, but after 40 minutes or so, we went back in and sat down to listen to some great music by Tucker and then Parmalee. After Parmalee finished playing they announced to the crowd they would be doing a meet and greet after Big and Rich. After a few songs by, the last band, Big and Rich we decided to head out down to where they were selling merchandise. It was just too loud inside. (yeah, yeah…I know what you’re thinking. There is the 50, of 50 fit n lovin life)

Anyways, we were hanging out trying to decide what to do and this woman yells over to us and says, “Come on over, you’ve been waiting here longer than we have to meet the band” I say no we really haven’t been here that long, but she was insistent. It was her, her two sisters and their kids and they were first in line. Yup, I did say line and we were now 2nd in line. There was A LOT of laughing and joking and I yell…


Our new friends

Our new friends

We now have been hanging out for about 1/2 an hour and Meagan (the one that waved us over) says that the Mayor of Parmale is here and wants to get in front of us to meet the band. Where is he, I ask. Me, being the shy quiet type, wave my big long arm and over comes Jerry the Mayor of Parmale.

Meet Jerry and of course our new friends photo bombing us!

Jerry the Mayor

and what could be better than meeting Jerry the Mayor of Parmale…..

Yup, pointing at me

Meeting the band-Introducing Parmalee…


We wake up pretty early Sunday morning (hahaha “Sunday Morning” the title to one of their songs on the new cd) grab some breakfast and pack up our things for the 2 hour ride home. It really was a perfect weekend.

Driving along and I’m thinking; we’re almost home only another 1/2 hour. My thoughts start to wander to some of the things I need to do when I get home. One of those tasks is gonna be checking my work email.


My heart drops. I put my computer in one of the drawers at the hotel making sure to keep it out of sight. Yup, you guessed it! As I sit here now typing on that said computer thinking about it, it makes me laugh!! I left my computer in the hotel. Of course, this is after I joked with my wife about doing the walk-around so we don’t leave anything. I read a book a few years ago. It’s called “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. The premise was if you weren’t going to remember it in a year then it’s not a big deal. As much as I would like to say I won’t remember leaving the computer in the hotel, I’d be lying…..

Hope you all got a good laugh……


1st thoughts of the day

I like to view myself as an optimistic person. The glass is half-full…. Let’s look at the bright side….. Even on the darkest days, there can always be a bit of sunshine. I woke up this morning and thought…

“Shit, it’s 5 am already!!” and then “Damn, it’s only Thursday!!”

I’m not sure if this is waking up on the wrong side of the bed, but it sure didn’t start the day off with a ray of sunshine.

Just so y’all (like that touch of the south) know. I did do my crunches this morning. Starting off doing 10 a day and going to build from there. I don’t want things to be too strenuous, especially since I’m in my 50’s. (haha)  I will be adding pictures of me, to show my progression, as I move towards fit.

Last night’s run was rough. I thought my 2.25 miles was moving along at a fast pace. I’m 1 mile in and in my ear I hear that soft, gentle voice from my running program…your pace is 13:36. WHAT!? I’m sweating my ass off…..can hardly catch my breath and I hear 13:36!! I’m never gonna get under 10 minutes/mile. I’ve been running for a couple weeks and this is the slowest I’ve run.

On the bright side-At least the view of the ocean is beautiful. As I push myself down the beach, I start thinking about this weekend. Oh yeah, concert in Greenville and I can’t wait! It was suppose to be Blake Shelton and 5 other bands, but Blake cancelled. Instead, the 5 other bands will perform and we go for FREE. Yup, that’s right free! Who says you never get anything in life for free. Well, whoever said that can bite me, cause our tickets were FREE. I mean we did have to buy the original tickets that were $117 each. And, so what, the original concert was rescheduled to April 2018.  These tickets were FREE. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.

Ahhh yeah, that thing called perspective…..




Well that was fun

Up at 5 am-it’s only hump day

Sitting drinking my coffee thinking about the email my boss sent the night before that I wanted to respond to, but didn’t. Thinking about my second day of crunches.The transformation part of the blog title-‘Fit”. Thinking about the run tonight after work.(Yup, that’s right-“Fit”) Thinking about the drive to work. Thinking about my blog. (smile) Thinking about what I need to do at work. (You anxious yet?) Did I mention, I was thinking about, thinking about ALL these things? Yea, there is a little slice of me you haven’t seen, but will see a lot more of. ANXIETY…..that big horror story that haunts a lot of us, but we’ll get into that a little later. I’m not quite ready to let you see that part of me.

Well time to journey off to work-that one hour and fifteen minute drive to my little slice of heaven. (You’ll get used to the sarcasm)

morning commute

There is at least this from the commute. It was a bit foggy this morning. All I could think about was being at the beach, as the sun burned off the fog. Well, that’s not happening.




More to come later……


First post 50 Fit n Lovin Life

Appropriate stock photo a meal that would send my high blood pressure and cholesterol even higher.

Yup 50 Fit n Lovin Life

Well, the 50 is a lie because I’m actually 53, born in 1964. WOW, that is a long time ago.  ( Yes, I did hear you) The “fit” is also a lie or a stretch, you choose. And yeah if you want to know, I do wear stretch pants. I’m 6’4″ and 225 pounds with a bit of a tire around my mid-section. Beach body-hahaha NOT! I grew up playing sports. I couldn’t get enough of basketball. Always active, enjoying the outdoors. You couldn’t tire me. ( You like that, a view of my future self –tire) but seriously, back in the day I was lean and mean, well more lean than mean. I was 6’4″ in the 9th grade and 165 pounds. I was actually too thin, but my metabolism was the envy of the fastest car on the road. As the days and years past my activity levels decreased as my waist line increased. I think there is a joke there someplace. 2 kids and a divorce later, I am who I am and now want for a transformation. Follow along for the ride, it should be emotional-There will be laughter and those moments that you’re so happy you could cry and those moments you just want to cry. I know what you’re saying, really dude? You’re a dude, you don’t….do you? Well I do and I have and I will again. This I will share with all of you.

I will have you know, I am lovin life. Almost 2 1/2 years ago my wife and I made the decision to move from New York to North Carolina. After being born, raised and along with 50 years of memories, it was time to make a change. February was just coming to an end and not a single day over 30 degrees, enough is enough and that is when we decided. We asked ourselves, how do people do it? Get jobs first….move without jobs…..where do we move to……what if we don’t like it…..what if we become home sick….we’ll be leaving our families???? Questions, questions and more questions, to which, we had no answers. We could ask others that have done it.

More to come….just like me, this is far from the finished product!!